Saturday, 5 February 2011

The business of cakes

I'm baaaack!  It's been a long while, I know, but lots of exciting new things have been happening at this end of the world.  Aside from the return of global warming with tons of snow being dumped on us over Christmas and the start of a brand new sparkling year, the big thing is that I am now officially a cake decorator!!!

Since I finished the Wilton course I have been baking lots and lots of cakes - mainly chocolate, wouldn't you know - not to mention the trucks of decorating I've been doing.  This is the start of two cakes I made last weekend for a friend's daughters who were having a joint birthday party:

stacked and shaped chocolate cakes covered
in chocolate fudge icing, ready for the princess skirt

another chocolate cake, crumb coated and ready to be turned into...
...a 'DeLorean' car! (yes, really...!)
Having a fight with sugarpaste is becoming a less common occurrence in my kitchen now, thank goodness - although if you look (closer!) at the finished car you will see that it sometimes likes to pop up and bite me on the proverbial.

I'd be interested in hearing from any of you that have mastered the art of crack-less fondant using whatever kind / brand / make / combination of sugarpaste available :)  Or, even better, whether there are any specific brands you recommend that (dare I say it) don't EVER crack?!

The girls loved their cakes and apparently the slices just melted in your mouth - thanks to a simple (just six basic ingredients - I love it), quick and fail safe recipe from Annie Bell, the queen of Gorgeous Cakes.

In my years of trawling recipes for good (aka rich and decadent) chocolate cakes, this one is also probably the lightest-yet-still-chocolatey cake you could ever make.  Perfect for real lil princesses and their birthday parties!

The finished barbie cake.

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