Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Squire's Goodies

lots of cake goodies

I was woken up this morning by the lovely sunshine - a rare treat these days, even though spring is approaching as fast as winter's little snowlegs can carry him away.  The postman rang the doorbell shortly after, and I was handed a parcel :)

Now, I have to confess that I am very childish in this regard.  I absolutely LOVE parcels!! Anything at all that comes to me as a present, a little something brought back for me from anywhere, a parcel of goodies, you name it and I will be excited by it.  

So you can imagine my face when I opened up the box to find a goody bag from Squire's Kitchen.  I was a silver ticket winner at their Exhibition last weekend at Farnham Maltings, but I got so carried away with the floral displays and all the cakes and supplies on show that I completely lost track of time and missed the special event.  

Imagine my horror then when I found my mouth opening to one of the Exhibition staff only to squeak, 'I'm sorry I missed the workshops, but I just wanted to have the special goody bag...'.  Oh, the embarrassment!  You can surely begin to acknowledge the child in me now, no?!  And not that I hadn't already spent enough on cake supplies that very afternoon to quash any need for freebies...

Anyway, I digress.  

I really wanted to tell you about the delights that awaited me in the parcel - so lovely!  There was a pot of colour dust in the most gorgeous shade of purple; a cooking timer; a huge bag of Squire's macaroon mix (which I have wanted very much to try out but haven't yet); a teeny tiny wedding dress cutter, perfect for using with sugarpaste or embossing; a bag of jelly belly beans yum yum; a handy little brush for cleaning out your piping nozzles or tubes, and the ultimate: a silicone heart mould for making chocolates:  

The mould is made by silikomart, and they warn you (I laughed this morning at it): 'Beware of imitations...I'm still the one and original'.  I have to say that it is a most smooth and pliable silicone material, one that you just know is going to turn out probably the best chocolates you've ever made.  Luckily I have a bag of Squire's cocoform (half of which has inadvertently disappeared...) to try it out with.  I'll let you know how they turn out.  

In the meantime, here are the rest of the goodies... 

 a pot of luscious purple food colour

anything to make macaroons easier to make...

my favourite shade - I hope it comes out as nice!

  cute tiny cutter

I promise to post some pictures of the chocolates I make - I somehow have a feeling they will be white chocolate flavoured with vanilla beans in very delicate shades of lilac.  See you again soon!